Diversity at the Times


Diversity at The Times

How much diversity is there in the journalism profession? How much diversity is there at The New York Times?

Of the fifteen editorial board members at The Times in July 2004, only one was an African-American, and only one was Hispanic.

The American community is diverse, and is becoming even more so. New York City is 28 percent black and 23 percent Hispanic. Arthur Sulzberger should embrace diversity not simply because it is the right thing to do — but because it is also good journalism.

The Raging Lady suggests the following ideas aimed at improving diversity — and journalism — at The New York Times.

  • Sponsor a workshop for news reporters and educate them on how to be more realistic in coverage. Forget reporting on groups according to ideological stereotypes.
  • Teach journalists to discard the political double standard. Allow them to report on racism by national-level Democratic Party officials. Also educate them about the damage to innocent individuals caused by unfair accusations of racism.
  • Train journalists on the value of tolerance as a principle with an integrity of its own, rather than as a sword for partisanship. Will journalists report on the bigotry of liberal personalities and groups? Will they cover stories of intolerance in the entertainment industry? Will they tell how well-intentioned conservative, independent and nonpartisan individuals can be hurt by a tolerance idea that is devoid of conceptual integrity? 
  • Provide specific instruction on understanding and diversity to Mr. Keller. Inspire him to set an example for the rest of the staff.
  • Ensure that Arthur Sulzberger is part of the conversation. Help him see how realism in reporting and tolerance and diversity of ideas can help him as the publisher of The Times.