“I saw how easily they called vice virtue, and just as easily reversed the words again.” -Arkady N. Shevchenko.

“Good faith with the reader is the foundation of good journalism. Every effort must be made to assure that the news content is accurate, free from bias and in context, and that all sides are presented fairly.” -ASNE Statement of Principles.

“The person who did this is Jayson Blair. Let’s not begin to demonize our executives – either the desk editors or the executive editor or, dare I say, the publisher.” -Arthur Sulzberger.

“To be impartial does not require the press to … refrain from editorial expression. Sound practice, however, demands a clear distinction for the reader between news reports and opinion. Articles that contain opinion or personal interpretation should be clearly identified.” -ASNE Statement of Principles.

“One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.” -Saul Alinsky.

“Whichever way the cat may jump, we should record it, and we should not allow our excitement about the direction which it takes, or plans to take, to interfere with our primary mission. We believe that you will look after the cat if we inform you promptly, fully, and accurately about its movements.” -Arthur Hayes Sulzberger.

“When one buys a New York Times, one buys a guide. One buys judgment. One buys talent. One buys credibility.” -Arthur Sulzberger. 

“Editorials, analytical articles and commentary should be held to the same standards of accuracy with respect to facts as news reports. Significant errors of fact, as well as errors of omission, should be corrected promptly and prominently.” -ASNE Statement of Principles.

“I was black at The New York Times, which is something that hurts you as much as it helps you.” -Jayson Blair.

“Federal prosecutors yesterday dropped their probe into fraudulent reporter Jayson Blair after New York Times honchos said they would not cooperate with any investigation. ‘They said they weren’t going to cooperate – it seems they want to hide behind the First Amendment,’ a source familiar with the matter said yesterday.” –The New York Post, May 22, 2003.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Dr. Martin Luther King.

“(Journalists) must be vigilant against all who would exploit the press for selfish purposes.” -ASNE Statement of Principles.

“The newspaper profession is one that…in its practice must not be influenced by narrow, partisan spirit, but must be fair and just to those holding contrary opinions.” -Adolph S. Ochs.

“Wouldn’t the Times … be far better off if (it) were equally concerned with that other kind of newsroom diversity — the intellectual kind?” -Bernard Goldberg.

“You know when the Times will really start to get it right? The day it runs a correction like this: ‘Robert L. Jones, who we yesterday characterized as a no-good, racist, homophobe, sexist bigot, is in fact none of those things. He is simply a conservative. We regret the error.’” -Bernard Goldberg.

“I thought our job was to tell the truth?” -Bernard Goldberg.

“On the basis of everything he says and does, Sulzberger seems to believe more than ever hat he has all the answers; and that those on the Left are, by definition, the good guys, and those on the right are the bad ones.” -Bernard Goldberg.

“The elephant in the newsroom is our narrowness. Too often, we wear liberalism on our sleeve and we are intolerant of other lifestyles and opinions — if you work here, you must be one of us. You must be a liberal, progressive, a Democrat.” -Marrie Arana, of The Washington Post.

“The fact is The New York Times is going to Hell. They published a major story about me that they knew was wrong….The New York Times was once a great newspaper, but it’s not not worth the paper it’s printed on any more….There really has to be a shakeup at The Times, and I hope it happens soon. Too many people rely on it for factual information.” -Donald Trump.

“We’ve learned the hard way in the last couple of years that The New York Times doesn’t always get it right.” -Freddie Ferrer.